Rebel Dates

virtual parties for thinking people

meeting new people and sharing ideas enriches our lives

What makes a rebel dates party?

Small Groups

We want people to really get to know each other so all our parties are limited to 10 people. If there is a lot of interest in a particular party, we can host multiple parties in parallel so long as someone volunteers to host.

unconventional introductions

Come prepared with an unexpected object visible within your video frame. You will be asked to explain why you have chosen this object, by way of a very short introduction.

Drinks of any shape or form are also welcome!

Sparking discussion

We will start by watching a short video/podcast on a chosen topic designed to spark discussion. You'll then be allowed 5 minutes with each guest to discuss the topic. We'll provide questions to start the conversation. At the end we'll get back together for a group discussion. Bring a pen to raise when you want to speak.

Rebel members are encouraged to suggest their own topics and host their own parties for other members.

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