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Kate Raworth on the Doughnut Economy – 17th March 2021

Kate Raworth on the Doughnut Economy – 17th March 2021

It is ingrained is us to think that growth is the only form of progress, the only worthwhile aim for our economies, but Kate Raworth challenges this perspective. She suggests that our current economic models are outdated and that we, as a generation, have a responsibility to create a model that will better serve not only ourselves, but the world we live in. How can we transition from the “Rocket” Economy of growth to the “Doughnut” Economy of thriving?

Join us 17th March 19:00-20:30 to discuss this topic. The talk is roughly 15 minutes long and afterwards you will be given 5 minutes with each person and a few suggested questions to spark the discussion.

To attend the event, please join as a Rebel Dates member. You will be provided with event joining details through our online community.

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