Rebel Dates

Why did I set up Rebel Dates?

I was trying to solve my own problem. I derive a lot of pleasure from meeting new people and sharing ideas, whether that's through parties or networking it doesn't matter. With the COVID crisis this year that pleasure was no more. I was desperate to find a way of meeting new people and talking about something more interesting than each other's non-existent news and the latest restrictions. I stumbled across Rebel Book Club and signed up almost instantaneously. Here was my answer. It's a fantastic club which reads only non-fiction books and organises related events twice a month. I'm an active member there and love the fact that it gets me to read books I wouldn't normally read.

By the time I joined, all their events had shifted online, but they were using software that made the events much more natural and fun than I had experienced elsewhere. But not everyone has the time or the inclination to read non-fiction books. I wanted to create a fun way of meeting new people and discussing interesting topics for people who just wanted to rock up with their brains and sense of humour - no prior investment in reading required.